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Laurent Dotted Dress

About Us

Launched in 2015, DACOUR is a customer centric fashion house where we promote creativity, innovation and experimentation while our dedicated team of designers are devoted in tracking the fast evolving fashion trends to perennially provide you the latest concepts, designs and styles.

This is a one stop brand where our commitment to you spans wise fabric selection, cautious cutting and trimming, artistic needlework, careful assembling, smart packaging, reasonable price ticket and receptive after sales service.


Our Vision

Without a doubt Dacour is more of a lifestyle concept rather than a store. It fits into a globetrotter’s lifestyle as far as it goes. Dacour has been as modest and unassuming while the clothing it sells are of understated elegance designed to be fitted into an aficionado’s life.

We treat fashion very seriously and quiet confidence is what we have. Dacour creates an alluring chemistry while we dance around our customers’ feelings.

And that vein of finely couture minimalism just happens to have chimed in perfectly with our vision.

Our Mission

Dacour with a foundation based on the look of a sleek, modern individual; promises a sacred commitment to both online and in-store to delight our customers by stocking up on staple RTW(ready to wear) womens wear collections.

The brand’s focus is on updated yet timeless designs that are of a similar style to high designer labels. The difference is of course without that unforgiving price ticket. Thus Dacour can affliliate herself with a city walker who prefers bold clean lines, bare surfaces, and that sense of space which bespeak the futuristic aesthetic design, with our classic pieces merging the wardrobe gap with functional wear which speaks a strong feminine woman.