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Miranda Shift Dress

Our Inspiration

At Dacour, we want to propose a mood board inspired by anything and everything such as arts, music, food, design, graphics and even architecture buildings.

Fusion in this fashion sense is not a haphazard mix, an unthinking combination but a creative endeavor. Say we are looking at Picasso’s masterpiece at Guggenheim Museum in New York, or even interviewing a ballet dancer where we love their strength and demanding grace and precision though of no direct impact, it’s of a basic principle guide that could have inspired us primarily, which is enough for us to have a sketchy idea in order to come up with a perfect campaign ad.

Ultimately we do hope Dacoreans see us as able to fill a gap between them and the ever changing fashion by building a bridge whether it’s time, place, or means of transition. All they need to do is to connect with us no matter where they are.