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Our Logo Organic Idea:

If we were to start a mid high end fashion brand where the focus of the brand is to bring high quality products at an affordable pricing, what it would be called and how the logo would look like.

So many designers use their own name as a Brand name with the use of a distinctive symbol around it, but less is more of course. It also has to exotic preferably a French name & sound to it.

Thus Dacour pronounced as “Da ­ Core” is born. It is a fused term for design and coutour, French term for high fashion. The brand name also is meant to be synonymous with De Coer, phrased ‘from the heart’ in French.

So now how are we going to design the logo. We started with making several editions of the Dacour Logo. It is important to us as the main reason is that it is the face of our brand and the reflection of what the brand means to us. Moreover we wanted to use the logo as a way of selling whether on the paper bags and other products we sell with the signature icon on it. It has to be a multi functional logo and very distinctive.

After several editions We came up with this:


We also made the characters more round, more organic, more human. And this was the result.

The logo is like a butterfly, has a very natural “green” feeling. The typeface with ‘DACOUR’ gives it a distinct fashion style.