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Roberto Checked Dress

Our Philosophy

It feels to us that consumers’ buying habits have changed quite a bit as they travel in style with emerging new lifestyle trends brought about by the increasing globalization through the media and travel. Thus they tend to be more open minded to the various influences, not only fashion, art and design, but also culture where they soak in the surroundings which have the capacity to have an effect on their thinking. Taking an interest in what’s trending now and surfing the net plays a big part in their life. Most importantly to them – affordability and value for money.


Keeping that in mind we pay attention to our customers’ wants, whereby they have a ‘large city’ mindset. We don’t live in a ‘megapolitan city’ but the people here have an urban city mindset.


With a rush & hurry lifestyle, they are looking for never out of season staples such as the little black dress, a classic white shirt or the good old trusty chinos, which all of them are to efficiently pack into their modern lifestyle on the move.


We do not follow fashion trends but hope to pre empt fashion styles and trends futuristically by forecasting styles so advanced in design, concept, and form to seem suited for some future time for an ultra modern shopper to last season after season. Dacour plays it right with carrying in designs that are of the appropriate size, volume and proportion. That means to suggest we do not carry in out-dated or passe looking pieces.


The philosophy behind Dacour is a cultural study that attempts to discover the fundamental principles of the sciences, the arts, the aesthetics beauty and human ethnics which goes into the quality of our garments; creatively combining, blending, integrating, fusing the various influences and elements, and always look into an interplay of innovative fabrication to feel modern and unique.