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Missmi Lace Dress

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Apart from our custom made attractive awe deserving fashion wears, we have a colossal collection of attire from renowned brands and designers from around the globe. We also have selected styles from lesser known brands that have excellent craftsmanship and impeccable finish to surprise you and to make our collection unique and complete.


Dacour’s Big Idea :

While everybody are competing to showcase their personal fashion galleries, decked out in their favorite designer labels or replicating their style icons, they are flexing in a gorgeous but impossibly hard to procure piece of clothing. But it is not to say that being stylish and staying in trend is out of reach for those with more realistic incomes.

That’s where Dacour plays it right by forecasting the next up and coming trend pattern, sift through the numerous mindboggling bazaar of competing manufacturers and overlapping technologies “make or break” collections and coming in with our affordable alternatives series aiming to highlight cost-effective versions of typically expensive fashion pieces. We want to delight customers by bringing in razor sharp gear at a pocket friendly price tag that won’t break their bank.

To illustrate the point, we shot a look book showcasing a variety of assorted outfits assembled entirely from scratch – focusing on a smart-meets-casualwear vibe , as Giorgio Armani’s-esque sharp tailored jackets sit alongside pencil skirts and crew necks complimented with the right accessories that will not break but make a look!