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Our Team

After myriad brainstorming sessions (thankfully without much heartbreak) DACOUR was launched as a brainchild of Stephanie Chua with unwavering support from the specially selected team members to make Dacour a global brand.

Dacour has a matrix organisational structure in which the director appoints the members of the executive management team. The executive management team comprises of a band of dedicated individuals ready to make the venture an assured success. The team is responsible for the following departments: Finance, Accounts, Buying, Merchandising, Sales and Operations, Marketing, Production, E Commerce, Branding, Communications, Human Resources, IT and Logistics.

Dacour’s matrix structure groups employees by both product and function. This structure can combine the best of both structure and is set up to ensure the best working practice in line with the company’s policies and guidelines. The key members of the executive management team are duly responsible for their department’s support areas. This also means company’s sales turnover and profitability in the respective departments are their overall responsibility.