Summer Days May 29, 2015 – Posted in: Blog

As summer kicks off, one of the things that comes to mind, well the lack of mind when it’s gorgeous out. We don’t know about you, but when it’s gorgeous out, all we can think about is going out and enjoying the long summer days. Inspiration can be fleeting. 

According to the weather (and our jam-packed calendars) Summer has finally arrived. And along with the heat-waves and barbecues comes a need to seriously refresh our wardrobe. Go dainty with floral prints and minimalistic dresses this summer! Sure, our go-to pieces can carry over this season (don’t put away those flared jeans just yet,) but it takes a style reset to know exactly how to mix and match our clothing for the toasty temperatures.

So, we’re looking to the streets for some real girl inspiration. Think bold prints and colors, retro influences, and the easiest way to wear breezy wide-legged pants – all styled in a way that’s easy to try yourself. So whether you’re in need of some office-appropriate inspiration or are looking for ideas on what to pack for an upcoming vacation, it’s all right here. Be sure to smitten your sweetheart this summer!